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4 minutes ago, Hunter115522 said:

I also saw it. I knew he was talking about falling from a treestand even tho he didn't mention hunting. 

I fell from a tree stand 20 years ago and wound up getting a helicopter ride to the trauma unit at cooper hospital. Very lucky 

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1 minute ago, Stewey said:

Broke multiple ribs, punctured right lung, broken collarbone, broken fingers, broken back 

Holy shit 


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Years ago I had a stand 25 feet in the air above a stone wall. I had screw in steps in tree. Some guy decided he was going to use my stand. When he grabbed last step it pulled out of tree and he fell catching one step in the gut then landing on stone wall. He was flown out. He tried to get me in trouble by saying I rigged the step to come out but no one felt sorry for him since he didn't have permission to be there.

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