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Forestry workshop for habitat management March 11th in Sparta

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For those interested in wildlife habitat restoration/creation/enhancement, the NRCS is holding a workshop that includes funding help via the Farm Bill for those looking to do forestry work in northern NJ.  Details on the pdf file for the 11th in Sparta.  


FY19-02 Attend March 11 Workshop to learn about assistance available for North Jersey forestland owners.pdf


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4 hours ago, nmc02 said:

Property i hunt in lk gerard was clear cut to give better habitat for this bird. 

I've done 4 cuts over the last 10 years for early successional forest habitat.  It works.  Helps song birds, deer, bear, turkey, grouse, woodcock, box turtles, bobcats, etc.  The key here is to marry Farm Bill funds for wildlife habitat creation and enhancement with what works for your property.  I am doing vernal pools, for example, in part to give much needed water to our deer in addition to it being breeding and rearing grounds for amphibians.  And it just so happens that golden winged warblers like to nest near water sources.  The government payments cover most of the cost to implement these practices.  For the record, I do my buddy's property management without federal or state assistance, but we are considering applying for Farm Bill funds for next year as I now need to shift focus to maintaining our healthy forest, keep invasives out, thin out stump growth in my modified seed tree (near complete clearcuts) harvest sites, do more Timber Stand Improvement (TSI), plant more trees, add an apple and pear orchard eventually for wildlife, etc.     

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