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Favorite turkey choke and loads?


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1 minute ago, gobblergetter said:

From what I've seen, save your money from buying a choke and just try Winchester long beards though the factory choke.

They seem to shoot well out of any choke

I actually got tighter  patterns with federal un plated lead 3.5 number 5s but cant find them..  the copper plated federals dont shoot worth a damn

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3 hours ago, vdep217 said:

Carlson long beard choke an long beard XR 6s..  but pattern 4s and 5s as well 6s are the best

I'll be using the same this year but not sure if I'm going to use 5 or 6s.  Last year I used #5.  Going to pattern again.  Hevi 13 #7 also shoot very well but are more than twice the price.

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