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Dog days


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My 91 year old grandpa wanted to go pheasant hunting so he gave me a call and away we went to woodstown over at Game Creek hunting Farms.  The weather was great I brought both dogs with me, I started off with the pup by herself since she hasn’t been on pheasant before and boy did she do great. She had a little trouble retrieving them but she tried her best, her points were solid and she moved methodically. After a handful of birds in the bag I put her up and ran my main man sawyer, without saying he did outstanding. When we’re were finished we had 9 birds down with a few getting a away so I brought the pup back out and hit the woods with both dogs pop stayed in the truck he was spent by this point. The dogs pointed 5 more birds in the woods and all 5 fell to my 20 gauge over and under.

it was a good day with grandpa 






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