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My new turkey gun


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3 1/2" rules! :D You only shoot it once (you never miss right?), so it's no big deal; you will rarely feel it. I get so amped with adrenaline and am concentrating so much as I stare down at the turkey as I pull the trigger, I swear I never feel the kick of the 3 1/2". Now, when I go pattern 3 1/2" shells at the range, it's tough :) But I LOVE hunting with them. It's awesome!

(BTW: that said, I bow down in awe at those that hunt waterfowl with 3 1/2" :hail:-  THAT I could not do. I'm one-and-done with the 3 1/2" - if I miss, then I miss; birds are gone anyway by that time :tooth: )

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1 hour ago, Bones said:

Indian creek choke

BTW: I'd be curious how you like the choke after you pattern it. Friend of mine recommended those to me - heard it is a very, very good choke. The ports look hard to clean, though, if they happen to get gummed up.

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