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New Site Feature: NJW&W Amazon Store


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Hey guys, I added a new Store feature in the main navigation menu, which will take you to the NJW&W Amazon Store.

I can add to this and customize it to accommodate the members.


It's an experimental attempt at promoting some products that are offered through Amazon, which many of us purchase throughout the year.


It also sets up the referral program for the site, such that members going through the NJW&W Amazon Store portal will help generate revenue and benefit the site, so I'd like to encourage you guys to use it if you order from Amazon! :)


You can order anything you'd like through the storefront and it will be entirely handle by Amazon directly.


If products aren't there you can search all of Amazon.com with the search widget at the bottom of the page, or you can click the logo powered-by-amazon-b._V156424183_.pngto navigate directly to Amazon.com and do additional searching/purchases and the referral for NJ&W will carry over to it! :up:


Ideally, I'd like to start developing some affiliate relationships and promote products on here that you guys can benefit from, both in terms of the product itself and the pricing.

Amazon is just a stepping stone, it has an excellent reputation and service, and the implementation of their customized storefront is pretty straightforward.


If you guys have any questions or recommendations on product listings, please let me know! :up:

And if it gets a little too hokey and more of an eyesore than it's worth, I'll revise the implementation. :)





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Dude I seriously ordered well over $500 in text books in the last 3 weeks...I wish I would have known


Haha, it's OK.  Next time :)


The bigger part is getting the "right" products listed in there for you guys.  The secondary purchases are a good thing, but ideally I need to find ways to get the products you guys buy that directly relate to the content on the site purchased :up:


I have a couple ideas brewing :)

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