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new crow dekes


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One day last week I had a good time crow hunting with a friend of mine (well, you can call it hunting if you want, or you can call it shooting and missing ... whatev :lookaround:).

Having a tough time getting these smart birds to come down below tree-top level - I got my new FoxPro and a Boondocker Flap-n-Flocker dying crow decoy on it. But the crows just want to keep circling and making all kinds of racket without coming down. I think they are cowards and don't want to help their friend, but then I thought maybe I need a predator deke to go along with the sounds I'm playing in the caller (crow fights and dying crow mainly)... so I made a quick trip to Tractor Supply and bought these two. I'll try Al the Owl first and see if he can get the crows angry enough to come down a little closer.

Al the Owl, and Hal the Hawk:


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When I did a ton of crow hunting many moons ago, all it took was 6-8 crow dekes and a owo deke and shot all day long ( with a electronic caller of course ). 

Hung all the dekes in n a field edge hanging from dacron and let them  move. 

All on WMA's


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