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Yote Sighting in Haskell


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Just saw my first yote in Haskell.  He was trotting at the lowest part of the hill behind my house but above my property line.  Might have to start researching predator rifles.


The time of day and the behavior is nearly the same as when I shot my first yote outside of Blairstown about 12-13 years ago.  I was deer hunting on a farm on the top of a ridge overlooking a stream below.  Just after sunrise I saw something trotting parallel to the river near the bottom of the ridge.  I had my slug gun, so I glassed it looking for a collar or another other indication it might be domestic.  Once I could confirm it was a yote I blasted it.


I'm not sure if they normally run along the lower parts of ridges, but the two times I've seem them that's exactly where I've seen them, and at the same time of day.

Sapere aude.


When you cannot measure, your knowledge is meager and unsatisfactory.

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