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Ravin R10


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Just bought a brand new ravin R10 and man am i pleased the thing is a beast. Shoots wicked fast and dead accurate. I was skeptical at first because i read so many reviews about people having problems with their ravins but damn them because mines a shooter once i dialed in the scope it’s a tac driver. You need to shoot one to experience for yourself don’t listen to other people. If id have done that i wouldn’t have this awesome Xbow .



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I had an R9 that my buddy bugged me to sell him. He wanted one but did not want to pay full price. I bought the R10 and sold him my 9 ( worked for me) 

If you miss with that cross bow its you! ( or me lol) 

They are deadly accurate , good luck with it and great choice of cases. I liked the soft case better than the hard case. 

Grab handle and back pack straps are great 

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