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Appalachian trail cam pictures


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Well just got back from our annual trip down south to watch the Super Bowl with friends . One couple is from Boston so they have been pretty happy over the last 10 years , must be nice to be a New England Patriots fan !

Well just went and checked 2 cameras on top of the mountain, as you can see in the 3rd picture the temperature WAS -10 degrees, Ive never seen it that  cold on my camera before !

Still have 3 small bears walking around, I find the young bears that maybe just got pushed away by the mother tend to not burrow up the first winter. 

Well hiked from my house to the top of the mountain and reached the summit of Mt Paradise (1606 ft altitude) in 41 minutes, not bad after coming from 82 degree weather and lots of adult beverages. I’m actually going to put a summit register on the top of Mt Paradise and Rattlesnake Mountain (1492 feet altitude) next time I go up, I will secure it with a cable and mark it with a Cairn if anyone in the future wants to tag it and sign in !

Well I was going to tag Rattlesnake mountain also but made it to Hidden Falls and turned around, hiked South on the AT to Buttermilk Falls Trail took that down to Woods Rd, made a left and took that to Hemlock pond then took the  Hemlock pond trail back up to the AT ! (All you need are strong legs and a desire to suffer) Saw 6 people from Germany hiking North , they parked one car in Stokes and then drove to Blue Mountain lakes or Crater Lake and parked and were hiking back to Stokes ! They did not speak very good English but pretty sure the road to Crater Lake is closed at Blue Mountain Lake parking lot . Amazing how many people from Europe I see hiking the AT! That is about a 10 -12  mile hike for them , Good Job !

Well walked back around Crater Lake and then down the side of the mountain bushwhacking back towards my house for a celebratory beer, total 6.3 miles , 16,274 steps and 36 floors, 2019 fall bow scouting has begun, Good Luck !








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32 minutes ago, JHbowhunter said:

I was in Aruba for Super Bowl 2018. It was great!

Cool, at the Ritz they set up gigantic flat screen TVs outside by the pool and restaurants for the Super Bowl, fun times .

In 10 years going there it rained one time at around 8 at night for like 30 minutes.

The only complaint I have is the Beer, they have one Local Brew called Balashi Beer , it tastes like diesel fuel mixed with vodka (don’t ask me how I know that), so I just suffer and drink Heineken drafts ( never liked Heineken) or good old Budweiser in the bottle or have the bartender mix us up a fresh pitchers SANGRIA  with lots of Fresh Fruit and make sure he tilts that bottle of Kettle One ! ( Throw the bartender 10 dollars before he makes the first pitcher and you will be smiling all week !)  Good Luck !


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41 minutes ago, Dead eye said:

We stayed in the executive suites one floor under the very top,beautiful place and nice people,I have never been but I would guess st. Lucia?

No, look at the color of the sand , hint you would not want to go there in the winter and you sink in the sand like 4 inches when you walk !

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