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Newbie decoy spread question .

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I am VERY new to waterfowl hunting , Its quickly becoming a new obsession of mine . Im lucky to have permission to hunt a large farm that’s loaded with snow geese . It’s difficult to narrow down where to set our spread since there are many different fields they land . We are collecting decoys and socks and now with the conservation season , using the electronic caller . I’m noticing the snows are following and landing in fields where there’s Canada’s already landed , and it got me thinking maybe we could add a bunch of Canada’s to the spread for a little realism, and one of my buddies asked a question that made me rethink that . Is it legal to have Canada’s out in a spread even though we aren’t hunting them ? I don’t want to put them out and have a visit from the CO and have any issues . I’m currently looking for my copy of the digest to re read through . 

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9 hours ago, Bad64chevelle said:

Yes , we’ve been out three times , we get them to look and drop but won’t commit . First time I didn’t have a layout blind , resolved that but I need to mud it some , it’s new . Could be some of my issue too. 

Get white tyvek suit and lay in the decoys. Hard to get them to commit all the way to the ground. Take them when they get low enough. They are not like Canadians.

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2 minutes ago, Bad64chevelle said:

I’ll have to pick up some tyvek after work today ! How many decoys were you running ? 

The more the better. I never had many. I only had about 3 dozen out then. I have a couple friends that have more so if I get out there will be around 200.

  The biggest thing I know with them is being in a field they been feeding in. If you can seeing them in your field feeding just watch them and be set up there the next day. Most of the time they hit a field hard for 2-4 days in a row and then move on. They are bad news for the fields. They pull everything out by the roots. 

 Another big thing is to have good movement in your set up. Wind socks work great. Windy days are better for sure and cold. 

I have only shot them a half dozen times so I'm far from a snow goose experience hunter. But I do watch and learn  from them.  

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