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Member feedback, what would you like to see on the site?


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MackofallTrades, yeah it takes time to get good search ranking and requires content, which in turn requires involvement and traffic. This site will come up in 1st page searches for certain terms but NJ hunting is one that has a lot of site competition, sites that have been around much longer than this one and have high ranking content validity (i.e. NJDFW site). If you look for something like "NJ hunting forum", this site will be on the first page too. Definitely vamping up traffic and user involvement here is what's needed, but it takes campaigning by the members, as you said. I do what I can to improve things technically and try to find ways to attract new members, but it still all boils down to users getting involved and contributing on the forums by posting and using the site features (to create the content, which then builds the site, and increases site content validity, which ups your page rank in search engines). And that is certainly what I'd like to do, and at the same time find ways to reward the members here for their involvement. :up:



Mark, you can submit your request in the Playground forum…never know who might be willing to take you up on that offer! This is a hunting site, so there are a number burly men around…might fit the bill for you! :rofl:





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Lol! As far as posting goes I would be more likely to start a tread here. Like the xbow thread . I wouldn't post that on the other site cause of all the J/O's. I would be riding around look'n to fight all the self righteous aholes ! So I just stick to the nice buck or that stinks post over there! I will say that the shout box keeps me here a lot longer for some reason ! Lol

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I would be riding around look'n to fight all the self righteous aholes


Hmmm.. I must have been one of those self righteos aholes over there.. Just about everyone in that forum wanted to kick my a$$ at some point.. You should read some of the e-mails i got.. :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:

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But seriously, I think that there are a ton of great features from a technical perspective.  Quick links to the check in system and the DFW map are fantastic add ons that I use more than I care to admit. 


I think the real key to improvement at this point is volume/traffic. 


I agree. I love that Matt actually updates everything too, like the deer contest standings are on the side of the front page. Links to the regulations for current seasons are at the click of a button. Countdowns...love the countdowns.


 We just need more traffic, more people interacting, more content...but quality. I like joking around, but I also love serious discussions regarding hunting, management, tactics, etc. I usually hesitate from starting topics but I enjoy weighing in on them, and I'm definitely bad about spreading the word. I am pretty much a loner, so I'm not out telling everyone I meet to head to an internet forum. LOL....I don't like talking to people to begin with. LOL



it is cool hang'n here, people actually sound genuine here not the pro staffer look down their nose at people type. I feel like we all just hang'n  shoot'n the  breeze with just a touch of bust'n stones. yea the drama can be ok at times but it can also turn a lot of people off.  we keep spread'n the word n it will get there!




Agree wholeheartedly with this too. :up:  :up:   


There are still a number of guys I'd love to see join us over here, because they bring so much to the table, but I'm not the type that's going to ask, feels weird. I hate telling people anything that seems like I'm selling it....I just hope the good guys find the place and start bringing more and more content and conversation with them.



Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

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