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Treebark Field Jacket for sale-**SOLD**


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If anyone could use it, I am selling a very good condition original Treebark field jacket.  The size is 2xl and the chest is 50 - 52.  No hole or tears and the jacket is minimally faded from the washing machine.  Pretty old school.  Say $35. Located in Morris County, Roxbury area.


TreeBark jacket.jpg

Treebark size tag.jpg

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8 hours ago, hunterbob1 said:

Good deal.Trebark came in the early 80's I believe.Me and my Baker and golden eagle those were good times!.Bill Jordan I believe inspire. Material didn't wear well!!!Congrats to the new owner.

Bill Jordan was the guy who forced it to pretty much disappear with the capital he had to build his empire.

Jim Crumley was the man behind Trebark and couldn't compete with Jordan's dollars.


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2 hours ago, Vaportrail said:

That's a great read. 

It is quite a story. Like a lot of things, the truth gets lost or muddled as memories fade. My first camo was a brown flannel 3x shirt and a pair of tie dyed jeans. I graduated to woodland camo BDU's and an original Spartan Realtree archers shirt. I too, got caught up in the fashion show of camouflage that followed over the years. 

Trebark is the real deal in hiding from game. Wish there were more of it available in cold weather clothing.

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