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Pheasants Forever giveaway

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Hey guys and gals,


Just wanted to let everyone know that there is another Pheasants Forever chapter starting up here in North and Central New Jersey. We are running a contest right now on our Facebook page giving away a really sweet care package that includes a new trail camera and more.


Check it out!




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First thank you for being a long time member, we have a lot of us here in NJ.

Right now we are just getting started for this calendar year and have set some smaller goals for us to accomplish while we get off the ground.

We are starting with “No child left indoors” and encouraging more kids to get out and enjoy the outdoors. We would love to help some school boards bring hunters education into their curriculum. We would love to start in the next month or so by taking a few kids hunting for their first time as we’ve talked to a few parents who don’t have time to take their children hunting.

We know our South Jersey chapter has been doing great things with their community and have recently acquired a biologist in their area!

We will be making announcements to our members soon about plans and volunteer work.

The best part is any money raised by us goes right back in our own community!

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How about some information on the new chapter like location and meetings and whats needed and who to contact ?

As of right now we do not have any meetings setup because we are just getting started. We actually sign the chapter charter with the main office this Saturday to make everything official.

We will be called the Pheasants Forever North Jersey Chapter servicing members from north Jersey to central Jersey.

I personally will be the chapters president and have 2 others as of right now on the board with me to help get this rolling.

I am located in central NJ near Toms River so along with the other board members being in Ocean County.

If you have any other questions or comments please feel free to ask away as we definitely need support from our community and will need plenty of help along our adventures.

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Great organization!!

We tried years ago to get a chapter going and met at the old Clarksburg Inn.....not sure what ever happened to it.....but it seemed like there was alot of interest. 

Would be nice to re-ignite the program that was trying to trap and transfer wild birds from the meadowlands to 6 mile run and other suitable habitat like vast retired landfills that offer the expansive grassland habitat that pheasants need....with hopes that a population can expand from there. 

I'm in TR too. Please keep us posted on events, meetings, projects, etc. 

A good start for your chapter would be to join the NJSFSC so you have a voice for your goals and direct access to Division of Fish and Wildlife biologists. 

Check out these hearty holdovers me n the setter found recently in central Jersey.....the cover was suitable for them to evade predators on the ground and from the air!  Even found a fox den in the area and they still found a way to survive!!






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Thank you everyone for the kind words, we know NJ has some of the most loyal hunters who deserve better here in our state which is why we proceeded with opening this chapter here to help us all.

You will all be informed with all recent updates, we update our Facebook page pretty frequently so that is the best place to see what we are posting. We will also try and get all the information to members on here as well as mailing you information soon.

Thank you again!

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I am a member of Pheasants Forever but do not use facebook.  So, I would suggest that you somehow from PF Headquarters get the email or mail addresses and get word out to those of us here in NJ not linked up on facebook or who may not visit this forum as to what you are doing and when and where you may be having meetings. Thank you, Bob


I thought, growing old would take longer ! 

I spent most of my money on shotguns and fly rods.  The rest I just wasted.

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Any updates ?

Mink we are now fully operational and will be planning a event within the next few months for a meet and greet.

We’re thinking about doing a skeet and trap tournament.

Any input? Or ideas?

We haven’t discussed meetings and locations yet as tonight was our first district meeting

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Hi Bob

There is a Flushing Survey you might be interested in. It is attended by a couple of Pheasant Forever Chapters and their insight on establishing a wild  pheasant population could be very valuable . It's a friendly group of people and a good way to get your dogs on wild birds.


Pennsylvania Upland Hunting

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