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Late season food

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Took a couple years, but the deer finally started eating the turnips and radishes. They have always eaten the tops but this year they are hammering the tubers. I have some rye and wheat down in addition to clover also. . Considering all the rain we had, the plots are still providing food. I havent put any corn out in awhile and the deer are in it every night. 



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6 hours ago, tcook8296 said:

Some deer wont touch a turnip. 

Others it takes awhile to figure out they can eat them. 

On my place in Illinois, they murder them. 

Dont know why.

i  have said it before  doesn't make sense but deer  eat sweet potatoes by the truckload one place 5 miles a way they won't touch them ... i think deer are just different at least across the state if not the country...

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I still have green fields they are feeding off of. I guess over the next couple weeks the freeze will finally brown them

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1 hour ago, Sako76 said:

We had the same turnips at our gun club in Clinton and Warren County NJ and the deer never touched them!  A woman at work did like them!

Yeah, my wife likes the turnips too. Im constantly telling her dont touch my deer food lol


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