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Venison vegetable soup


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Made some soup today venison cut in cubes browned in bottom of pot with olive oil fine cut onion ,salt ,pepper onion salt when browned cook down with v8 juice and fresh soup and stew herbs and fresh rosemary ( I got the little boxes at shoprite ) added some cabbage about two cups cut fine diced some celery and carrots I let simmer and meat cook down tender about three hours  remove the fresh herbs then added frozen Lima’s , green beans, peas and carrots...I didn’t have any deer bones and not sure they would give same flavor as beef so I put some beef bones in..


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36 minutes ago, archer36 said:

That's the second recipe I've seen with V8 Juice. Gotta try it. 

this was my moms recipe i just used venison instead of beef . The wife says my soup is better than her mothers :D . I will say it took me a few tries to get the tatse like hers. the herbs are the key to getting the taste the way you like ......

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