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Anyone out today ? Worked a shorter day today threw my hunting clothes on and  snuck into the tree now. I've had a ton of deer here the past few days and the bait is all gone hopefully they still come looking for it. Have a favorable wind thankfully bc I definitely could have used  A pre hunt shower after running around all day at work. Passed on every deer ive seen since the end of October and the trigger finger is getting mighty itchy with the season coming to an end soon

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Well I hunted the morning from a treestand, I get down get undressed to go scout some new areas, go by my ground blind see deer out in front of it, lmao you can't make this stuff up!

Said ok good I will get in the blind by 3.  Well I was in by 3 and I waited with high expectations, at 440 I spot my first doe about 100 yards away and said ok they will come, 4 more came out and stayed where they came out lol. Said ok others will come from where I thought theyd come, and that wasn't happening.

Well at 505pm I say ok it's getting late they better show, losing light fast. at 520 I said im out, I look again to where they should have been and saw nothing so I got my bow, unzipped the door and when I step out I see 2 does staring at me they turn around (No tail up) and go back from where I thought they would come from.

Yep! Good Times!

Walking back the 5 does were feeding peacefully, I decided I am going to just bump them, I figured why not, so thats what I did.

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