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merganser part deux


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OK, confession! Believe it or not, I have another merganser and a bufflehead in my fridge as I type. I hunted coastal on Saturday and brought them home. Yes, I'm giving it another go! 


A friend swears up and down that I didn't prepare it correctly last time (he brought some home himself Saturday and I demanded that he also try to cook it himself and tell me how his magical preparation helps).

OK, so this time, I dry-aged the breast meat in the fridge for two days. It is now soaking in a salt brine which I'll leave for after 48 hours. I plan on then marinating it in "something" - I don't know what yet. If I survive the taste test - I'll let you know. Should know by end of week. As I like to say, hope springs eternal!

I admit, what I am doing is not exactly what I was told to try -- so, if this doesn't work, I may try one last time and follow to a 'T' what this website says to do - http://wildeats.com/recipes.html (see the section "The REAL Secret to Getting the Most out of your Waterfowl (it's really not a secret)") My friend swears this is how you do it.


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6 minutes ago, chenrossi said:

The best way to prepare a merganser is to not shoot it in the first place :vomit: there's a reason some birds require way too much effort to be made palatable..they aren't meant to be eaten!

Like I said in other thread I put all of my divers in one bag just keep adding.   At the end of the season I will see what I got than add goose and some deer meat if needed grind it all and make jerkry

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2 minutes ago, Buck154 said:

Think id rarther go crow hunting and eat them

Oh, don't worry... That's coming up in a couple weeks! ;) Got my caller and crow decoys ready for February/March.

I actually ate crow and it wasn't too bad (merganser is definitely BELOW crow on the taste scale!)

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I love mallards. Delicious!

Unfortunately, I can't remember the last time I saw a mallard -- not counting the (literally) hundred mallards that are right now by the AC Moore parking lot curb in Turnersville by the Home Depot. Literally feet away from the cars in the parking lot - as I drive by, I could practically open the car door, reach out, and grab my limit :)  

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