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1/14 Check In


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Anybody out?  Good luck to you if you are.   I'm heading out this morning.  Going to try to slip in between the early morning does and little bucks, and before the bigger bucks show around 9.

Amazing what a little corn will do.  A few 8's that will be nice next year, a couple that are nice now, 6's, 5's, 4's, palmated Y, half racks, shed bucks, 1 spike, and many button bucks...and a few doe, just in a couple days.  Problem is I wasn't expecting that many, and my natural blind isn't in a good spot to hide from that many eyes coming from all directions.  Might need to make a better set up after today.

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1 hour ago, Buck154 said:

Good luck. Another cold day. Food is big this time of year. Post some trail cam pics of what you are after. I will be out this afternoon.

This one I might shoot.  Don't need meat, so it will be a decision to make when the time comes.  Thinking of keeping them around, and just collecting the bone when they shed, instead of killing one for it.  They are doing a lot of sparring, so they may fall off right there.



Couple more...



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