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So, this is happening! Looking at a pup

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Well? I'm looking at a Vizsla pup tomorrow here in Florida, a male that's 9 weeks old, cute as a button, I will post a pic of him a bit later.

spoke at length with the breeder and as she described his personality he reminded me of my last Vizsla Attila.

ive already made arrangements to bring him to work with me while he's to young to stay home. So that's good. 

He's already crate trained, mostly house broke and he's been introduced to water and live quail and loves both! This pup sounds like a winner to me so I most likely will take him. Lol 

Hunt with a Vizsla, cause life's to short to hunt with an ugly dog! :D RIP Tilly monster. (Attila) 2004-2017.

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