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More metal detecting today


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I'll tell ya I'll never get rich doing this lol. But it is fun digging up something that could be coins! Today my wife tagged along. She had fun and it was great spending time together. Here's a few items we found.

Looks to be an old pulley, half a horse shoe, and a rusted shut Swiss army knife


Some shot gun shells, shotgun slugs, one even has the wad stuck on it still? A sinker which we were no where near water? Top looks to be an old knife blade. Not sure I will shot peen it at work on Monday along with the pulleyKIMG0873.thumb.JPG.001f0cc86b9ad49ba3267bce33d05882.JPG

And whatever the hell this is


hoping to find a few coins soon to add to my coin collection. But finding anything old is always fun. Not to mention removing trash from the woods. 

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Got most of my silver coins and other stuff from just asking the neighbors hi I have this metal detector I just got it and I'm curious to see how it works would it be okay I try it on your property?  picnic,in the  backyards frolicking at night later some things seem to slip off lolHappy hunting!Replace your Divots!

“In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen.” -Theodore Roosevelt

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27 minutes ago, Coyoteslayer said:

Was this near an old railway? My guess on that strange object looks like some sort of bearing sleeve off an old train car possibly.

No where near a train. The ID and OD are threaded 

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