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Just Saw 30 Deer


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My wife asked me to drop off some old clothes to the Good Will Box, and as I was putting them in the box I look towards the baseball field/parking lot and I see 30 deer, two of them visible bucks, they ran between houses and the road, I had a idea where they went and sure enough I got a picture, they where skittish.......



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lived here for 10 years, never saw deer in this area during daylight hours, never saw bucks like this, if anything small bucks.......there is county land but it gets hit very hard, maybe they got spooked from there

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1 minute ago, Gobblengrunt said:

Looks like they were pushed from a deer drive

I was thinking that.....Cause when I first saw them they where running, and across open space (baseball fields), there wasn't any kids playing nor any cars in the parking that they crossed

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