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New for 2019 Easton FMJ T64 arrows

Blend No 27

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I don’t know if the taper will actually reduce friction much. In theory it sounds great but in the real world I’m not too sure. 

i do however think the taper and increased foc should make for a great shooting arrow. I’ll keep you posted after I get a set if I notice a difference between the my old fmj s and these.

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From what I can conclude it's an old concept new design..  6mm front and 4mm back gives the arrow weight forward.   For years was done with brass inserts and heavier broad heads..  this would in theory be a more balanced way of accomplishing this..  maybe I'm over thinking it...

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I went to FMJ's this year. I shot axis arrows last year.

If i go with axis again I would put the added brass inserts in them. would like the weight between 450 and 500.

Axis 5MM

Blazer vanes - 6 grains each

Arrow 9.5 grains per inch

nock 9 grains

arrow length - 29.5 inches

= 307 grains without broad head

Broad head 100 or 125

brass insert 50 or 75 (originally i didn't have the brass i had the standard as this does make a difference) 



I switched to FMJS

Blazer 6 grains each

arrow 11.3 per inch

nock 9 grains

arrow length 29.5

broad head 100 or 125

360.35 plus broadhead

100 + 360.35 = 460

125 + 360.35 = 485


with the 125 slick tricks my foc was 10%

I like the added weight.


with the TMJ's it's probably not the same grains per inch since the diameter decreases towards the rear of the arrow

It will be interesting to see the weight change. 

I will say AJ swears by a high FOC with the distances he shoots.

When we shoot at the shop we walk back to 60 yards. 

He has killed deer at 56 yards.


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