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Winter in the Rocky Mountains


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Just back from a short trip.


Only one of a very few BE's along the Shoshone River, which was mostly frozen over.


Two of only four elk we could find along the East Entrance Road out of Cody.


The sheep were on their winter range and did not disappoint.



These two rams beat the shit out of each other, right in the road.  We were one of about five cars on the entire 60-mile stretch before we hit the gate where Park gets closed for the winter.

We saw a few bison.  I'll post one or two once I locate them.


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I lived at 13 Antler Drive outside Boulder, CO long ago.  Woke up to a mountain view every day and the house was at about 7,000' in elevation.  Beautiful place, but whacky city (Boulder which was down the mountain a few minutes).  The front range is great to live at because of the mild winters and because all you have to do is drive over one of the passes to your west and you're in the heart of the Rockies with skiing everywhere this time of the year.      

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