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sucks being sick sitting in the house


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i hate being sick darn sinus infection is killing me i havent posted this much useles crap in a long time well since summer . :D what would i do with out NJW&W  and of course those who keep it interesting with some fun political debates  giving me a :stirring: 

:cheers:   . guess i am not the only one that when bored will stir the pot up a bit LMAO  

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11 hours ago, bucky said:

Take some pills and head for the woods, the fresh air will do you some good:up:

6 weeks now fighting with walking pneumonia.  It did feel good to get out in the woods again this past week, and kill something.   The fresh air does make me feel better.  Problem is I feel worse again the next day, so I have to keep going out in the woods everyday to keep feeling better.

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