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Truck undercoating?

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I have applied Waxoyl to over 40 vehicles. It is an awesome product. You do need to know what you are doing to apply it correctly. I did my Suburban 10 years ago and the coating is still holding up. 2000 suburban. It is a 2 part system with a spray for the outside of the frame and a different spray for the inside.

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Go the old fashioned way, after a oil change put the oil in a spray bottle and hit the whole underside. Do that a few time and you will never have to worry....that's what I do and I know a few other guys that do it.. one of my buddies has a 1998 ram utility body truck that he did that to for the first few years he has owned it and his frame looks like the day he bought the truck. He has well over 300k on and uses his truck everyday for work ,his frame looks 100 times better then my and my truck is 9 years newer then his ( I started doing it alittle too late) thats who told me about it and got me to start doing it to my truck. just have to watch around any rubber since the oil will make it swell over time.

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