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Filling gun stock??


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My muzzle-loader is quite a bit front heavy and very light in the rear. It  has a hollow plastic stock under the butt plate.  Just wondering if anyone has filled their stocks and if so how did you do it? 

I was thinking Bondo, fiberglass or expanding foam with something heavy mixed in but the more I think about it im not sure I want it to be permanent, which all of these options would be. What would others that have done this suggest? Or is it even worth it?  

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Try some lead sinkers. Hammer to shape. Put them in and if they work THEN epoxy them.

If it doesn't help take them out .

I thought, growing old would take longer ! 

I spent most of my money on shotguns and fly rods.  The rest I just wasted.

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Don't mess with it, get yourself a shooting stick or set up something to lean on in the stand, if that does not help you steady the gun, start practicing with left elbow (assuming you shoot RH) resting on thigh or knee and cradle gun in left palm, once you master that a heavy front end will help rather than hinder your shot

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