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Well have this little baby porcupine coming in every night, he is only 10 inches round but looks bigger in the video. This one usually comes in with another but solo tonight ! Had a little rain sleet come thru at about 5:30 hit the ground and everything froze solid in 2 minutes, could not walk on sidewalk!


Leaving at 4:30 in the morning and hiking up the mountain to do some winter archery hunting, hung a new stand yesterday and also remembered to hang my umbrella! Tomorrow morning should be pretty cool at 1606 feet, hopefully all snow !             Good Luck !

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1 hour ago, Greybeard said:

Good luck 1190 !  So, was there snow up there?  You're only 200ft below where I plan on scouting today, and I also want to look for my arrow from the other night.  Hoping no snow so I can find it.

Well it was a sheet of ice this morning, coming down for a little sleet and big snowflakes, then this morning the fog rolled in and melted everything! Fog is the worst thing for ski resorts, don’t know why but fog eats snow . 

Well put up my umbrella yesterday  and it was fine but this morning solid ice and busted, ice is still melting out of the trees and pelting the roof of my umbrella !

Well new moon Sunday and the best time to hunt today is between 2:11-4:11, we shall see! Had 2 does and a button buck about a hour ago and just saw a squirrel that would probably make book ! Actually though it was a grey fox !

Just looked at my GPS and I am at 1597 feet elevation, if I would have put my stand just 3 feet higher I would be at 1600 !

                     Good luck !






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