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what does everyone do for reading trail cam cards?


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as title says whats eveyone do to read them at the moment i have two cards per camera and switch them out but i keep collecting more cameras and thinking if i can read them in the woods i wouldn't need two for each camera also would be nice to pull the card when i sit to see whats up....i was leaning towards one of the dedicated readers but reviews seem to suck  ... 

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I have tried many readers made specifically for trail cameras by hunting companies and they all sucked. And it always annoyed me how you needed an app to view them or they came up as links and not actual pictures. However after some investigation on Amazon there are generic all white sd card readers being sold cheap for around $10. Surprisingly those work outstanding for reading cards in the woods. User friendly let’s you see the pics before you download. Gives you the option to download all at once or select specific pics and puts them right in your camera roll.  I’ve gone through two in the past year or so just from me being stupid and misplacing them. I keep one in my pack at all times and I have one new in the box at home as a back up. 

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