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HD video/Pheasant& a 6 month old Pointer


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I have been telling a friend that I could film a pheasant hunt with his dogs if he wished one of these days. We were finally able to get together at his lease in Sussex County with his 6 month old pointer in the morning this past week. My friend's son was taking still pics of the pup on point as well. 

The young puppy performed awesome, nothing like watching a good dog work. Was able to download one of the videos and post on here.

The pup locks solid on point at @2 minutes and the shot is @ 2:44 as a nice rooster gets up....Hope you enjoy it....


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7 minutes ago, Bonefreak said:

Cool Lou!!  He runnin  brittanys??

And.....what are those white things in the field?  Tree guards on young saplings?  Has he planted trees for wildlife?

 Yup, Brittanys  but only took the puppy that morning to work with her alone.  Not sure what the planted trees were....

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