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Don’t get complacent


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Somehow step pop went to discharge his cross bow tonight and got his left hand in the way of the limb and ripped his palm apart.  He’s on his way to cooper for some surgery, waiting on ma to get here to drive her there and hope for the best.  

Not sure if he was trying to John Wayne it up or not but not paying attention for a second and you can get bit. He’s had this same xbow for gotta be 15 years. He kept saying it was stupid, no not stupid just got distracted for a second, and thats all it takes.

keep your guard up.

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First time I ever shot a crossbow,a guy ask's wanna try it?OK.Nearly shot my thumb off.Natural instinct all those years gripping the gun foregrip.Like any tool you use,there's  a right way and a wrong way!NOT saying your dad didn't know, your point's well taken ,gotta be careful with crossbows!!!Prayers sent for you guy's hope he heals Well!

“In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen.” -Theodore Roosevelt

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Hope he recovers fully. I have one of the Ten Points. 

I like the safety features on it. It came with a plastic stick on foregrip that has lips on the top to keep your fingers under the rail , cant fire unless it has a bolt in it plus has a safety. 

Important features to have if you are looking for an xbow. 

Ive heard quite a few stories about thumbs getting hit with the string


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