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Trapping has not come easy!! For the year and a few months I had way more defeats than success lol. This year I've had more success after learning from mistakes. Today I was checking my line and a gift from the trapping gods was given. Overnight a large birch tree about 18 inches thick fell down over the swamp. About 10 feet short of being a complete animal bridge. So I lashed a 6 inch fallen branch the rest of the way and completed the bridge. Hung a few nice loops on the large tree. It just looks like a fox and coon superhighway. Especially with more rain coming. I'll add pics tomorrow. When u trap a smaller acreage parcel of land you've gotta take advantage when opportunity presents itself. And create your own when possible

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Sometimes the best looking set to you won't produce because you don't walk there. What you did is too much work for me, hope it works for you.  I let them tell me where they are walking and go from there

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