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Chukars gone - plenty of pheasant still holding tight.


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IMG_0680.jpg.992e517cd586afaf9786bcb4a6be3077.jpgTook the dog for a run this am hoping to pick up any left over Chukars.. Same area.. Not one live bird however the dog picked up seven shredded birds.. Amazing how these birds die off in a few days.. I was able to pick up a hen and a Rooster flushed out of range.. I love hunting the russian olives this time of year. Once the birds make it through the hunters, and get educated on predators and find the cover they can hang in their till Feb. Now waiting for the snow to follow whatever birds are left..

Chukars in my opinion was not successful.. From most of my friends I spoke to some got one or none. Dad and I where lucky to get the 4 we did...


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