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Appalachian Trail- Dog and Porcupine encounter/ Bird pictures

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Well was hiking and checking cameras last weekend with my daughter who is home from college on the Appalachian Trail and ran into 2 hikers with there dogs, both dogs were off leash which I’m fine with ( provided they don’t bite) , they said they were from NY state and were hiking from Crater Lake to Stokes State Park, I was amazed , I said don’t you have the Appalachian Trail up in NY state and they said “yes but the Appalachian Trail in New Jersey is much more Beautiful “, pretty cool ! Anyway I warned them about Porcupines and showed them a picture of my friends dog from a couple weeks ago and they were shocked, they said they never saw one before and would never think they were in NJ ! 

Well they put the dogs on a leash immediately and admitted they would not know how there dogs would react to a porcupine, I told them the dog in the picture got stung by the porcupine on the back side of Crater Lake a couple weeks ago and I usually see one every time I hike, anyway if your up in Walpack area and you have a dog please be careful, protect your dog , I actually think the dogs get stung because they think they are protecting us !

Well the NJ Herald newspaper actually had a article this week  saying Porcupine attacks are on this rise this year, I see them all the time and never saw one aggressive!

Well had some cool birds come into my bird feeder so I threw a camera up there and of course they never came back, but this one is home made with sunflowers seed and then I have one with rye seed for the gold finchs, I don’t know if the gold finchs turn from yellow to green but now I have them coming in to the tube feeder with rye seed but now they are green !

Have a lot of cool birds coming in and no mosquitoes in the summer so it’s worth feeding them !

          Good Luck !








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When we lived up in Vernon every one of our dogs got hit once each by a porcupine and a skunk.  Never as bad as this poor dog, but still had 8-12 quills in their mouth, probably not the correct technique, but my mom was a nurse and just grabbed the pliers and pulled them out.  Usually while one of us fed the dog peanut butter.

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12 minutes ago, Batsto said:

Poor pup! I hope we never see one. How do you remove those quills? 

2 people I know that had them on face and some in mouth had to take them to a vet and tranquilize them so the dog is calm, otherwise they can go in deeper or brake and then possible infection!  Be careful with the pups in Porcupine territory.

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Seen one every time I walked a pipeline.  Wasn't always the same one, either.  Seen a lot others in different places in the same park.  Wasn't too long ago when seeing one was a treat.

Don't gold finches migrate south?  Maybe you're seeing a warbler or something else now.

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3 hours ago, Rusty said:

OH NO, the poor dog.  That's gotta hurt.

Cool bird pictures 1190.  :up:

Just talked to my buddy , the dog had to be sedated in order to pull them out but is totally ok now !

The Bill was 700.00 , well worth it, if you try to pull out that many the dog will break them and that’s real bad !

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