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yay he made it through


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the new model is 237 on ebay. ATT 200 texts a month is 5 , 1000 texts is 10 , and unlimited is 20 a month . no contracts pay as you go. The 2013 model has sms commands that can be sent to it. like take a pic, turn mms off and on. Most mms cams will take a pick and send it every 90 seconds if the signal is good. I also use an ltl acorn 5210mms cam that works really well. heres a pic I just recieved.


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I know what my next cam will be...


Cool pics.... I wonder what happened to his rack?

there should be some really good end of the season deals on the 2013 model code black. there's a new model ready to be sold with some new design features as soon as the 2013s are gone. I think his rack is just brittle. It had some breakage last month but not that bad.
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