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Best Way to Get Rid of Paint Smell


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So I recently painted an old shiny silver camera tripod for future use as a camcorder tripod to self-filming hunts. Needless to say, it smells of fresh paint. If it were summer time, I'd leave it outside knowing that the heat and fresh air would get rid of the smell quickly. What can I do now in the winter to get the smell go away quickly?




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Not much.  It's going to take awhile for the paint to cure.  Probably around a month depending on the type of paint and thickness.  You can try to mask the odor, but it will still smell of something.  It's not a human smell.  Deer aren't going to be as spooked of it as they will be of you sitting next to it.

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Give it time grasshopper think about it you buy tree stands hunting blinds guns bows are all somewhat painted leave it outside and it won't take long for it to cure and the scent to go away.

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