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I sincerely hope that none here were impacted


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Interesting list.  Big pharma is shedding jobs for many of the companies listed.  Of those on the list, the Toys R Us hurts me the most as I live in Mount Olive Twp. where their east coast DC is located.  That 140,000 sq. ft. facility is now for sale and sitting empty.....

The ones that are more telling of where NJ is headed are things like Mercedes moving US headquarters out of NJ to Atlanta.  Those are big $$ jobs that we are losing forever.  Those are the jobs that pay for the McMansions.  Opening a new Walmart isn't going to impact McMansion sales like laying off a couple hundred people that made $150,00 plus.   

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45 minutes ago, Batsto said:

How are those big fat Christie tax incentatives for companies working out? 



Christie is out and companies , after seeing the direction the state is going with your new governor,  are going with him . 

I wonder how many would have left earlier without the tax incentives.

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1 minute ago, JHbowhunter said:

How is Buck Tooth gonna pay for sanctuary for illegals now?  If work is leaving the state, that's less revenue to pay for his freebies for illegals.

simple really just keep raisng taxes on the rest of us :shakehead:  everyone ready for that $1 tax everytime we need to get in our own bathroom don't forget gas prices dropped i just paid $2.10  we had no problem paying close to $3 not long ago thats a lot of wiggle room......

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Unfortunately this is going to be a recurring trend with the socialist dirt bag as our governor. Murphy’s main goal will be to turn this state into the east coast California and he’s well on his way. After the last election where this state went even further left I’ve lost all hope this can ever be turned around. 

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If only legitimate history were taught and understood a man like Murphy would never have been elected. Truly sad for this is a beautiful state. I have been around and NJ has a great combination of many things appealing, everything that is except for commonsense and an appreciation for the past. Again people eventually get the form of government they think they want.

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