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Roxy and Declan's first rabbit!!!


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We ran Roxy with my pals beagle for her first time packing up down in Salem county and she did great!!  They figured it out after a few runs and put it all together, highlighted by 2 big runs that any veteran beagler would have been proud of!!

And speaking of being proud, my boy Declan made a great shot on his first rabbit with his new 12 gauge Winchester he got from a dear friend on Christmas!!

I could not think of a better way to have closed out the year!!







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8 hours ago, midwestxpress said:

Man I remember those days, god I miss them. I could never hit one of those rabbits as a kid.  The kids off to a good start.

Agree. Had a beagle as a kid. Miss it so much. 

And also agree about hitting the furry bastards. Birds no problem but bunnies ...aaarrrgghhh.   I think I shot at 20 of them before I got my first. 

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