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On the mend!


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Well,  had my hip surgery on Thursday. All went well even though the surgery too 4 hrs. Took my hip apart, did a resurface job. Put a plate on my pelvis  to stabilize a break I’ve had in it for a few months. Prolly the worst part is the bursa sack work. For those that don’t know, a bursa sack is a fluid filled pillow that tendons, ligaments and muscles ride on in certain joints so those things don’t just ride on bone and damage them. I had major bone spurs under mine so, they cut out the ruined sack(it will grow back) and use a rasp to smooth the bone underneath, reroute some of the tendons/ligaments, cut and pull the muscles tighter to keep it from coming dislocated, which, it had done a number of times then sew the muscle back to the bone. All of the cutting and shortening of tendons, ligaments and muscle has made this an extremely painful recovery so far but, gets better every day. Swelling in my leg is insane. My whole leg is at least twice the size of the other one but, doc says that with the amount of work, it’s perfectly normal. Doc says that the amount of work done is about 2-3 times the amount needed for a replacement. Doc said that when I could stand the pain, I could ditch the crutches and use a cane. He said usually that will happen in 3-4 weeks. Well, much to the dismay of my wife, I ditched the crutches on Saturday. Been doing my exercises religiously and hardcore and am getting around on the cane pretty well. This was my 19th orthopedic surgery and have found that as long as you don’t injure yourself, aggressive home therapy can keep you out of formal physical therapy,which, I hate. So I’m hard at it. An added bonus of this particular surgery was an Indian anesthesiologist that spoke perfect English. I think that all of my surgeries but one I had an Indian anesthesiologist that barely could communicate due to their lack of skills in English. This one was a nice young Indian girl that spoke English better than me. Kinda ups your confidence level when you can communicate well with the doctor that has the best chance of killing you. Anyway, I’m on the mend and will prolly take this whole week off but, I should be back in the shop getting with the program. Thanks to all for your well wishes and support. It truly helps. 



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