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Deer Down - 12/29


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I sort of hesitate to write this because I figure there's going to be a few that'll get all bent over it, but after thinking about it, I don't care...


So I went out this afternoonand sat in the ground blind that I had set up for my daughter; was settled in by 2:15pm. I sat for awhile and saw absolutely zip. At approximately 4pm a single deer is walking in range. I could tell that something seemed off. A quick look through the binos was all I needed to tell me what I suspected; it was a shed buck. I wasn't sure if I should take the shot because normally I pass on them. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to shoot. As some may know, I haven't hunted anywhere as much as I usually do; this is due to personal reasons. And by the best I can tell, I think I'm only going out 1-2 more times and then my season's done.


In any case, he came in to about 18yds feeding. I waited for a bit because he kept giving me head on or quartering shots. He finally turned to where he was just about broadside, I placed the crosshairs of my Tenpoint Titan Xtreme in the boiler room and let it loose. He ran about 30yds, slowed up, took a few more steps and tipped over.


Here he is.





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Congrats as long as you dont hunt near me. Sorry but shooting a shed buck by accident is one thing but when you know its one :shakehead:.  What ever make you happy
Look... This season started off great and life came in and redirected it in a major way. Maybe one of these days when things have settled down, I'll share with you all what's happened, but not now. And as far as shooting sheds, I don't usually do it. But these days I'm just doing what I need to do, and when possible, what I want to do.


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