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Predator hunting question


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2 minutes ago, Bearhunter said:

Thanks guys. My brother-in-law wants them off his farm. The only deer permits I have are for shotgun but it looks like it is closed until Jan. If I read it right

Yeah you might have to wait a bit.  And it's probably smarter to wait until rifle is open for them.  Coyotes are smart, you may only get one shot at them before they wise up and make it a whole lot harder to call them in again.  Best suited for a rifle so you can give yourself the best chance to knock them down the first time you call them :up:

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12 minutes ago, Dynamicduojx said:

I haven’t been successful harvesting my first deer yet, but just got my yote permit today because they run rampant on the farm I hunt. I have to say, I am extremely excited and almost as excited to shoot my first yote as I would be to shoot my first deer :)

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So generally what happens here is that once deer season closes and coyote season opens...you'll see a TON of deer and no coyotes! :rofl:

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Here's how DFW explained it to me when I asked about that confusing chart a few years ago:

In short, it is basically this - you can always hunt coyotes/fox as part of the small game season regs from November thru March. That means the times, hunter orange regs, and weapon/ammo are gonna be the same as if you are hunting small game. There are some "bow-only" restrictions in Sept-Oct, but Nov-Mar just figure its under small game rules.

If you bought the $2 permit, special season starts on  Jan 1st thru March - that means you can use rifle during the day, no hunter orange, night hunting with shotgun.

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