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Took my nephew out "hunting" today


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My 8 year old nephew asked me awhile back if he could go hunting wiith me, but I'm not sure how well he would handle seeing a deer killed in person decided to take him to 6 Mile Run State Park in zone 14 where I shot a nice 7 pointer last year. It's only about 10 minutes from where they are in Somerset, so it was pretty convenient.


We got him a suction cup bow and arrow set for Christmas and he had been practicing every day to prepare for today. He was really excited about going "hunting" all week so I picked up some camo face paint, a camo jacket, a pair of rubber boots, a pair of binos, etc.


I didn't take any weapon today, we just went for a 3 hour walk in the woods and found plenty of deer sign. Located quite a few scrapes, a bunch of rubs, tracks and scat galore, deer trails, other hunters empty treestands, trail cameras, a crossbow bolt with broadhead, etc. He even found a couple of fawn deer skulls.


We both had a great time and I was very pleasantly surprised that he didn't complain once about getting pricked by the occasional sticker bush or legs that were tired from walking. Probably could have stayed out longer but he needed to be back by 3:15pm. I'm going to try to bring him with me to the property that I hunt in zone 12 and maybe sit in the ground blind and watch some deer stop by and eat some corn . 20181227_130052.jpeg


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Good job introducing him to the outdoors!!! Dont make the sits to long. I made that mistake with both my boys.
I was figuring maybe 2 or 3 hours in the ground blind tops. The blind is 30 yards from a feeder, so he should see something in an afternoon sit from maybe 2 or 3 -5pm

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Nice but they are hard to keep still in a blind at that age, even with an IPAD in hand.

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@CatchinDeers243 part of hunting is guns. Stress to her gun safety is first and foremost.most women don’t hunt and have no clue. They think we walk in throwing guns in the air and then have a shootout with the deer lol. Once u explain it and you’re right work it in slow. They’re usually receptive Many activities in the woods not just hunting. Shed hunting awesome with kids.

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