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My Virginia Rifle Hunt!


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No luck in VA during muzzle loader season.  Last week I went down for a rifle hunt.  Shot an 8 pt on the first afternoon.

One of the antlers fell off after the shot.  He ran a good distance and I couldn't find the antler.

Good news was that he died in the exact spot I was going to pull my truck to.  Didn't have to drag him 1 inch.







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4 minutes ago, Bonefreak said:


Nice deer!!

Looks like u hit him w a Barrett .50 cal w all that blood loss!!

Is that a silencer on the rifle!!??

The rifle is chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.  I was surprised by how much blood there was.

Yes a .30 cal silencer its great for hunting there not super quiet but you can actually hear the bullet hitting the deer at 100+ yards away

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If you follow that paint trail backwards I'm pretty sure you could find that antler

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Congratulations, thats a shame you could not find the other 1/2 of the rack

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