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Diagnosed With The Flu


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Christmas Eve I had a slight caught, came home from dinner , around 0330 I woke up with chills , 103* fever, treamendous pain throughout my body, all day Christmas day I was in bed only time I got out was to see my kids open their gifts. Family came over for dinner prime rib, rigatoni with the whole 9 yards I never got out. Finally eating a piece of toast....the pain is so bad I'm having issues walking, doctor gave me medication for the pain.....the flu is no damn joke

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The flu is no joke man.  I hope you are able to rest up and feel better soon.  

I always laugh at people who "aren't sure" if they've had the flu before or if the idiots that tell me they had the flu for 2-3 days but now they are better.  The flu kills 70-80k people every year.  The flu is usually 7-10 days of main symptoms including intense muscle pain, high fevers over 103 for a few days, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, congestion, etc.  After the main BS goes away, you'll probably feel exhausted and out of it for another 2-4 weeks.  

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