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Heart shot pic (bow)


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I shot a doe with my bow this week. I always aim for the boiler room as we all do and when I gut the deer I always check to see which vitals I hit. Well this was a center punch heart shot. Deer ran 30 yards and crashed. I tried like heck to get a pic of me and the deer for the contest. I set my camera on a log, set the 10 second timer and ran back behind the deer. I did this about 10 times lol! Every pic was blurry, off center , pointing to the sky, etc...and the camera fell off the stump a few times. I'm sure I looked funny running back and forth so many times from the camera to my deer. Anyway, I'm gonna try and shoot a couple more for meat so I'll get one entered for my team. Here's the pic. Muzzy 3 blade.


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