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The pleasure of in laws..

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Just found out last night at Christmas dinner that my father in law was asked by some guy if he could hunt my father in law's land in PA.  Unbelievably his answer was "sure and you can use my son in law's treestands".  At first i thought he was joking but he was not.  He only has 30 acres and 95% is one large field so not much room on this piece but it was nice as i could go out there without worrying about running into other people.  It's his land so not much i can do about it.  Guess it's time for some scouting for new land.   

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1 minute ago, BIG PAT said:

What did you do to piss him off...LOL

Not a damn thing.  Really pisses me off as i just got my 10 year old nephew (his other daughter's son) into deer hunting this year and it was a convenient spot to have setup with a ground blind.  I would just leave chairs and everything in it. 

Same thing happened a few years ago... some jackass asked for permission, he said yes and the guy showed up with 2 other guys on opening day, they wounded 2 deer and got 1.  

Ive hunted there for 10 years and passed on every buck except the 8 pointer i shot there this year.  

Just not worth the headaches of competing with some other guy, especially when its a 110 mile drive.

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7 minutes ago, BIG PAT said:

Talk to him. Tell him about the kids hunting now. He might change his mind

That makes sense and the adult thing to do but im so pissed ill just hunt elsewhere and make sure to let him know about it. 

The suprising part is that he really likes hunting and is all about getting kids involved in the sport so i'm shocked he did this.  Whenever i went over there we would hangout, go to dinner have a few drinks etc..

I even setup 3 different 2-man ladderstands so he could still hunt out of a treestand.  It was nice because no matter which way the wind was blowing there would always be a good stand.


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2 minutes ago, rocky said:

That sucks but, I do have to add this. Some people are not hunters and they do not realize how much it means to you that you can hunt their property, that is why you should make sure they know that.

I'd agree normally but he's hunted his whole life and hunted with me a lot but he's slowed down due to age recently. 


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I had a lease for years. Had a permanent blind that I saved just for gun season. Hunted early muzzy and first 2 days of shotgun. Saw nothing. Ran into landowner. He told me his nephew was down from NY working in the area and he was sitting in my blind at night calling coyotes. I almost lost my mind

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