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Dishwasher relocation

Dominant buck

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4 minutes ago, NotJust22s said:

Where are yôu drainiñg it to 

Good question,  assuming i can put a trap in drainage pipe right below dishwasher location, run outlet hose to that pipe? I would love to have a more experience guy do it, that's why I made this post. I'm pretty handy but never dabbled in this. Are you you plumber? Pm me your info

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Your discharge hose need to have an “Air Break” which is a way of protecting the sanitary area of the dishwasher from a back up (stoppage)  That hose needs to be installed as close to the flood level of the sink so that if ever there was a back up it would overflow the fixture before backing up into your dishwasher pump and lower drain pan . Just keep that in mind when installing your drainage line. 




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It’s worth it to spend more than u probably want to and have a pro do it. This can end very badly!! Personally I love homeowner DIY because there’s more money in fixing screw ups than in the small “easy job” in most cases. Even the best intentioned homeowner can get in over his head in a blink. I’m in hvac not plumbing. But that plumber went to 5 years of schooling and tens of thousands of $ in tools that you don’t have.  May seem too expensive for such an easy job but I’ve seen many horror stories from jobs easier than this lol.

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