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12/13 Check-in


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Slept in my self . Anti lock brake light came on have to see if I can get it looked at. Then maybe go out in afternoon good luck all!


Check your break fluid level.  My light comes on whenever it's low.  Quick trip to the auto store and $10 later you're good to go.


Now back to your regularly scheduled check-in thread....

Sapere aude.


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I'm headed out in a few minutes, bow in hand. Looking for another doe, but praying for a buck. lol


Good luck to everyone!

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Check your break fluid level.  My light comes on whenever it's low


:offtopic: I kinda knew what it was cause it happened couple of yrs ago .there's a sprocket look'n thing  that the abs sensor reads on motor side of the brake plate  that is pressed on to the axle. rust n other build up causes them to pop off n when they do you have to buy a new axle. @ $200 with oil change. sorry for the off topic stuff . not headed out today. goona get after'm tomorrow good luck all be safe!  


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Did a little still hunt/scouting and found a camera that's been out for about six weeks that I forgot about. Drivers walked up to it but did not touch it even though it was only tied to the tree. then the school called and had to pick up a sick kid. Going to try sitting tomorrow in an undriven piece with a decent 8 in it.

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