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Would it be possible to make a favorite topic section? Something a user could customize. I tend to frequent the Trapping, Deer Hunting, and Fishing forums. That way a user can find his or her forum faster than having to scroll down through all the topics

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Rossy, I like that idea. I'll have to explore what's available, if not look into developing it myself. I'll keep digging around and see what I can find! :thumb_up:


For now there are Thread and Forum Subscriptions, which are viewable under your UserCP. Here's a breakdown of the subscriptions from the forum documentation:




There are two types of subscriptions: Forum Subscriptions and Thread Subscriptions.


When you subscribe to a forum, you will be notified via email when any new thread is posted in the forum.


At the top of the forum list, you will find the link "Subscribe to this forum," which you can use to subscribe to the forum.


Forum subscriptions can be managed in the User CP.


Subscribing to a forum does not automatically subscribe you to all its subforums. you need to drill down to the subforum you are interested in and specifically subscribe to that subforum.


When you subscribe to a thread, you will be notified via email when a new reply has been posted in the thread. There will only be one notification per thread even though there may have been more than one reply after you "left" the forum. Once you visit the forum again, you will be able to receive notifications for that thread again. This "one-notification-per-thread-until-next-visit" concept is to prevent excessive spam, and conserve server resources.


At the bottom of any thread, you will find the link "Subscribe to this Thread," which you can use to subscribe to the thread.


You can also subscribe to threads when you make a reply. Select the "Email Notification" checkbox in the options when making your reply


Thread subscriptions can be managed in the User CP as well.


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How about a "View you post" or View threads you have posted in?


You can view a user's posts/threads via their profile. So if you click a username' date=' it will take you to their profile and you'll see links for:


Total Posts: 10 (1.73 posts per day | 0.48 percent of total posts)

(Find All Threads — Find All Posts)

Total Likes Given 2 (0.35 per day | 0.65 percent of total )

(Find All Liked Threads — Find All Liked Posts)

Total Likes Received 0 (0 per day | 0 percent of total )

(Find All Threads Liked For — Find All Posts Liked For)


I'll create an FAQ for this.

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