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Saskatchewan 2018

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After last year's horrible experience in Toronto Airport, we decided to drive to Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan this year to hunt big whitetails. We left on Black Friday and arrived at camp Saturday evening. Temperatures where fairly warm the week before so the rise in pressure and steep drop in temps had us very optimistic the deer would be moving. We awoke Monday to temps between -12F and -18F depending on your stand location. I was going to hunt the closest to town....a new area for me. My guide, Natalie, got me in well before sunrise and got the alfalfa and oats freshened up for what appeared to be a long, cold sit. At least the sun was due to be out for most of the morning. As I got prepared in the dark, the extreme cold began to set in. Pulled out my heater body suit and began to try to wedge my huge boots into them.....easier said than done! Load the gun and get binoculars set and ready. Sunrise is due at 8:35 so legal is 8:05. As I prepared to set up my video camera I hear a branch break and the sound of deer walking in the crunchy snow. I look up to see a deer moving in from the left. Immediately I see a large body and antlers at 70 yards. I get the binos out and quickly realize, due to the mass, its a shooter. I know, I know, first 15 minutes of the hunt, that this will end my hunt if I'm wrong.  I pick up the 300 Weatherby Mag and find him in the crosshairs. BOOM! He runs in the direction he was heading and I hear the unmistakable crash into the bush. It's now 8:15AM. After a 15 minute wait, I head to the spot he was last standing. Lots of hair but not much blood. A few drops in the next twenty or so yards into the forest then more as I got close to some intersecting trails. 30 more yards and there he is! As I approached, I can barely hold my excitement! He's a giant! Huge mass, big bases, split brow....what you go to Northern Saskatchewan for. The pictures do not do this deer justice. Thanks for looking.


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Awesome deer good story. Yea you can definitely see the mass. You didn’t freeze your ass off long you’re a smart man:up:

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